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Plena Public Address System

Bosch Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

The Bosch Plena is a family of commercial and emergency public address systems designed specifically for small to midsized locations that require a PA system which is versatile, reliable and easy to use. Its modular design allows users to easily add additional equipment as their system grows. The Plena range continues to reinforce Bosch’s reputation for technical excellence, robust design and world renowned quality.

For an overview of the products in the range see the quick summary below. For more details on a specific product click on the links below or use the product menu at the side of this page.

Also, don’t forget to check out the complete range of PA Solutions / Add ons, Bosch Loudspeakers and Microphones also available for the Bosch Plena range.

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Bosch Plena Easy Line – One or two zone, commercial sound and public address system

The Bosch Plena Easy Line is all about versatility, reliability, and ease of use. Easy Line is an ideal solution for small to mid-size installations requiring a high quality commercial sound and public address system. Thanks to flexible one-zone or two-zone options, the system can be tailored to practically any location depending on sound system requirements and voice announcement capabilities.

Built to last, all Plena Public Address Easy Line products feature excellent sound and speech intelligibility, thanks to a smart equalizing approach and built-in limiters. On top of its clean-cut design, extra items like zone labeling and setting indicators make it a snap to use.

Small business owners and restaurant managers will be attracted to an ultra-convenient ‘out-of-the-box’ solution. Simply connect the loudspeakers and a microphone to enjoy quality sound throughout the location with clear, concise public address capabilities. Or incorporate a wall panel into the configuration for remote source control. Easy expansion and a low-overhead cost, guarantee that the system will be used for years to come.

Additional functionality can be integrated with Plena Public Address Solutions such as the digital message manager, feedback suppressor, loop amplifier, timer, or a background music source see the PA Solutions page for accessories.

For more information and parts list see the Plena Easy Line page.

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Bosch Plena Matrix - Up to eight zoned, commercial sound and public address system with wireless control

Flexible and powerful, the advanced features of the Plena Matrix Digital Sound System enable users to achieve superb audio performance with wireless control across up to eight output zones. With audio quality tailored for a wide range of applications — including live music, business music, high-demand speech environments and zone announcement — the Plena Matrix system delivers full featured digital audio control, with maximum flexibility and reliability.

Specially designed for versatility and ease of use, the Plena Matrix system enables users to control the audio settings and adjust volume levels wirelessly via an iPad or iPhone app.

The PLM 8M8 Plena matrix 8-channel DSP Matrix Processor, the heart and soul of the Plena Matrix System, provides complete control over the audio configuration and signal processing. Users can simply walk into a particular zone and confidently match the audio quality to specific requirements — from live and background music to high demand speech environments. The Plena Matrix Class D Power Amplifiers feature an Auto Standby mode that — when activated by Bosch motion sensors in output zones that are unoccupied — helps to generate cost savings of up to 80% as compared with standard amplifiers. And by reducing overall power consumption, the environmental impact is significantly reduced.

For more information and parts list see the Plena Matrix page.

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Bosch Plena (VAS) Voice Alarm System – Emergency alarm and commercial sound public address system

The Plena Voice Alarm System (VAS) range is an ideal evacuation, message and background music solution for small to medium sized applications in a variety of locations, such as schools, hotels, shopping centers, factories, offices and similar applications where public safety is essential.

The system continues the family’s versatile standalone, plug-and-play concept and is easy to set up and control. With release 3.0, Bosch has ensured full compliance with EN54-16 and ISO 7240-16 standards for an extended number of 120 zones.

Based on a Plena voice alarm controller unit, VAS can handle up to 6 zones with a built-in message manager, emergency microphone and a built-in 240 W power amplifier. By connecting additional 6-zone routers to the Plena VAS, the number of zones extends to a 120-zone capacity. The power per zone is freely distributable per zone and it can be over 1000 Watts per router (or 6 zones). In addition, 8 call stations with 32 call station keypads with programmable keys can be interconnected for message routing. Additional Plena amplifiers can be added to create two-channel systems. The Plena Voice Alarm system is configured via a Windows. A system design tool is available to support the pre-sales design process, but give us a call for assistance and expert advice on configuring your Plena VAS system.

For more information and parts list see the Plena VAS

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