Bosch Plena Easy Line, Matrix and
VAS (Voice Alarm) Public Address Systems


Bosch Plena Loudspeakers

The Bosch Loudspeaker range

Bosch loudspeaker innovation creates technology for today that quickly becomes tomorrow’s industry standard - from Cardiod column loudspeakers, to feedback suppression, reverberation technology, to many others. The company’s guiding principle is to create products that are superior in terms of technology, design and ease of use.

With more than 60 years of experience in the design and development of electro-acoustic technology, Bosch is an established leader in the field. The ongoing commitment to innovation, research and development is huge: Bosch owns and operates one of Europe’s largest acoustical test and measurement facilities. Testing is all done according to internationally recognized industry standards, ensuring that customers can be confident about the high quality of every Bosch product.

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Bosch LSP Select Mobile App

Loudspeaker selection made easy, directly on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone, with the free Bosch LSP Select App. For more information click here.

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