Bosch Plena Easy Line, Matrix and
VAS (Voice Alarm) Public Address Systems


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Plena Wireless

Part no. Description Qty
PLE10M2EU Plena 2 Zone Pre-Amp Mixer
PLE2MA120EU Plena 2 Zone 120w Mixer Amplifier
PLE2MA240EU Plena 2 Zone 240w Mixer Amplifier
PLE1MA030EU Plena 1 Zone 30w Mixer Amplifier
PLE1MA060EU Plena 1 Zone 60w Mixer Amplifier
PLE1MA120EU Plena 1 Zone 120w Mixer Amplifier
PLE1P120EU Plena 120w Booster Amplifier
PLE1P24EU Plena 240w Booster Amplifier
PLE2CS Plena Two-zone Call Station
PLE1CS Plena AllCall Call Station
PLE1SCS Plena Easy Line Heavy Duty Call Station
PLEWP3S2ZEU Wall Panel
PLE4TM Plena Tone Module
PLE-SDT Plena Easy Line SD Tuner BGM source

Plena Matrix

Part no. Description Qty
PLM-8M8 Plena Matrix 8 Channel DSP Mixer
PLM-4P125 Plena Matrix 4 Channel 125 Watt DSP Amplifier
PLM-4P220 Plena Matrix 4 Channel 220 Watt DSP Amplifier
PLM-8CS Plena Matrix 8 Zone Call Station
PLM-WCP Plena Matrix Wall Control Panel

Plena VAS voice alarm system

Part no. Description Qty
LBB 1990/00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller
LBB 1992/00 Plena Voice Alarm Router
LBB 1956/00 Plena Voice Alarm Call Station
LBB 1957/00 Plena Voice Alarm Keypad
LBB 1995/00 Plena Voice Alarm System Fireman's panel
LBB 1996/00 Plena Voice Alarm Remote Control
LBB 1997/00 Plena Voice Alarm System Remote Control Extension
LBB 1998/00 Plena Voice Alarm System Remote Kit
LBB 1999/00 Plena Voice Alarm System Remote Control Extension Kit
PRS1AIP1 IP Audio Interface
PLN24CH12 24 V Battery Chargers
PLN1EOL Plena End-of-Line Boards
PLNDMY60 Plena Dummy Load

Plena Public Address Solutions

Part no. Description Qty
LBB 1925/10 Plena System Pre-Amplifier
LBB 1941/00 Plena Call Station
LBB 1946/00 Plena Six-zone Call Station
LBB 1950/10 Plena Tabletop Unidirectional Condenser Microphone
PLN1SCS Plena Heavy Duty Call Station
LBB 1930/20 Plena 120 watt Booster Power Amplifier
LBB 1935/20 Plena 240 watt Booster Power Amplifier
LBB 1938/20 Plena 480 watt Booster Power Amplifier
PLN1P1000 Plena 1000 watt Booster Power Amplifier
PLN1LA10 Plena Loop Amplifier
PLNILR Plena Inductive Loop Receiver
PLN2AIO120 Plena All in One BGM and Paging System
PLN-6AIO240 Plena Six zone All in 1 BGM+ Paging System
PLN-6CS Plena Six zone Call Station for PLN-6AIO240
PLN-4S6Z Plena All in One Wall Panel
LBB 1965/00 Plena Message Manager
LBB 1968/00 Plena Feedback Suppressor
PLN6TMW Plena Weekly Timer

Bosch Microphones

Part no. Description Qty
LBB 9081/00 Omnidirectional Dynamic Handheld Microphone
LBB 9082/00 Unidirectional Gooseneck Microphone
LBB 9099/10 Unidirectional Handheld Microphone
LBC 2900/15 Unidirectional Handheld Microphone with XLR / 6.3mm jack
LBC 2900/20 Unidirectional Handheld Microphones with XLR M / XLR F
LBB 1949/00 Gooseneck Condenser Microphon
LBB 1950/10 Plena Tabletop Unidirectional Condenser Microphone
LBB 9600/20 Condenser Handheld Microphone
MW1RXFx Wireless Microphone Receivers
MW1LTXFx Wireless Belt-pack Transmitters
MW1HMC Head-worn Microphone
MW1RMB Dual Rack-mounting Kit for MW1-RX
MW1LMC Lavelier Microphone
LBC 1081/00 Microphone Cable 100m unterminated
LBC 1208/40 Microphone Cable 10m XLR F-M Extension Lead
LBC 1215/01 Microphone Clamp
LBC 1221/01 Microphone Floor Stand
LBC 1226/01 Microphone Adjustable Boom
LBC 1227/01 Microphone Table Stand

Bosch Loudspeakers

Cabinet Loudspeakers

Part no. Description Qty
LB1-UM06E-1 Metal Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W Circular (EVAC)
LBC 3011/41 Panel Loudspeaker 6W (EVAC)
LBC 3011/51 Panel Loudspeaker 6W with Volume Contr. (EVAC)
LBC 3012/01 Panel Loudspeaker Surface Mounting Box
LBC 3012/01 Panel Loudspeaker Flush Mounting Box
LBC 3018/01 Metal Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W (EVAC)
LB1UW06FD Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Dark, Flat Baffle
LB1UW06FL Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Light, Flat Baffle
LB1UW06D Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Dark, Angled Baffle
LB1UW06L Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Light, Angled Baffle
LB1UW06VD Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Dark with Volume Control
LB1UW06VL Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Light with Volume Control
LB1CW06D Corner Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Dark
LB1CW06L Corner Cabinet Loudspeaker 6W, Light
LB1UW12D Cabinet Loudspeaker 12W, Dark
LB1UW12L Cabinet Loudspeaker 12W, Light
LB1BW12D Bidirectional Cabinet Loudspeaker 12W, Dark
LB1BW12L Bidirectional Cabinet Loudspeaker 12W, Light
LB1UM20E-D Premiumsound Metal Cabinet Loudspeaker 20W, Dark
LB1UM20E-L Premiumsound Metal Cabinet Loudspeaker 20W, Light
LB1UM50E-D Premiumsound Metal Cabinet Loudspeaker 50W, Dark
LB1-SW60 Subwoofer Cabinet 60W
LB3-PC250 Premium 12” Cabinet Loudspeaker, 250W
LB3-PC350 Premium 12” Cabinet Loudspeaker, 350W
LM1-MBX12 Wall Mount Bracket for LB3-PC250 (set of 2 pieces)
LM1-MBX15 Wall Mount Bracket for LB3-PC350 (set of 2 pieces)

Column Loudspeakers

Part no. Description Qty
LA1UW24D Column Loudspeaker 24W, Dark
LA1UW24L Column Loudspeaker 24W, Light
LA1UW36D Column Loudspeaker 36W, Dark
LA1UW36L Column Loudspeaker 36W, Light
LA1UM20E Metal Column Loudspeaker, 20W
LA1UM40E Metal Column Loudspeaker, 40W
LBC 3200/00 Line Array Indoor Loudspeaker, 30W
LBC 3201/00 Line Array Indoor Loudspeaker, 60W
LBC 3210/00 Line Array Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeaker, 60W Indoor/Outdoor

Ceiling Loudspeakers

Part no. Description Qty
LC3-UC06-E Ceiling Loudspeaker, 6W, min order 16 pieces.
LC3-CBB Back Box for LC3 Speaker min order 16 pieces
LC5-WC06E4 Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W, 88mm Diameter
LC5-CBB Plastic Back Box for LC5 speaker.
LBC 3950/01 Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W, Plastic Grille
LBC 3951/11 Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W, Metal Grille
LBC 3086/41 Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W, Metal Grille, Spring Clamp (EVAC)
LBC 3087/41 Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W, Metal Grille, Screw Mount (EVAC)
LBC 3090/01 Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W, Plastic Grille, Spring Clamp
LBC 3090/31 Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W, Metal Grille, Spring Clamp
LBC 3099/41 Ceiling Loudspeaker 24W, Metal Grille (EVAC)
LC1-WM06E8 Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker 6w, Metal Grille (EVAC)
LC1-UM06E8 Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker 6w, Metal Grille (EVAC)
LC1-UM12E8 Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker 12w, Metal Grille (EVAC)
LC1-UM24E8 Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker 24w, Metal Grille (EVAC)
LC1-CBB Back Box for LC1-xxxx Speakers
LC1-CMR Mounting Ring for LC1-xxxx Speakers
LC1-CSMB Surface Mounting Box for LC1-xxxx Speakers
LC1-MFD Metal Fire Dome for LC1-xxxx Speakers
LC1-MMSB Mounting Support Bracket for LC1-xxxx Speakers
LC1-MSK Metal Suspension Kit for LC1-xxxx Speakers
LC1-PIB Pilot Tone Indication Board (Set of 6 Pcs)
LM1-TB Tile Bridge (Set Of 2 Pcs)
LC4-UC06E Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker 6W, (EVAC)
LC4-UC12E Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker 12W, (EVAC)
LC4-UC24E Modular Ceiling Loudspeaker 24W, (EVAC)
LC4-MFD Metal Fire Dome for LC4-UCxxE
LC4-CBB Back Box for LC4-UCxxE Speakers
LHM0606/00 Economy Ceiling Speaker 6W, Screw Mount (min order 160 pieces)
LHM0606/10 Economy Ceiling Speaker 6W, Spring Clamp (min order 160 pieces)

Projector Loudspeakers

Part no. Description Qty
LBC 3430/03 Bi-Directional Metal Sound Projector, 12W (EVAC)
LBC 3094/15 Sound Projector 10W
LBC 3095/15 Pendant Sphere Loudspeaker, 10W, Off-White
LP1BC10E1 Bidirectional Sound Projector, 10W (EVAC
LP1UC10E1 Unidirectional Sound Projector, 10W (EVAC)
LP1UC20E1 Unidirectional Sound Projector, 20W (EVAC)
LS1UC20E1 Pendant Sphere Loudspeaker, 20W (EVAC)
LS1OC100E1 Hemidirectional Loudspeaker, 100W
LM1-SMB Metal Suspension Bracket Adaptor Set for LS1-OC100E-1

Horn Loudspeakers

Part no. Description Qty
LBC3403/16 Horn 10" Without Driver requires LBN900x/00 Driver
LBC3404/16 Horn 15" Without Driver requires LBN900x/00 Driver
LBC3405/16 Horn 20" Without Driver requires LBN900x/00 Driver
LBC3406/16 Square Horn 8x15" Without Driver requires LBN900x/00 Driver
LBN9000/00 Driver Unit 22.5/15w for LBC340x/16
LBN9001/00 Driver Unit 45/30w for LBC340x/16
LBN9003/00 Driver Unit 75/50w for LBC340x/16
LBC3491/12 Square Horn Loudspeaker, 10W
LBC3481/12 Circular Horn Loudspeaker, 10W
LBC3492/12 Circular Horn Loudspeaker, 20W
LBC3493/12 Circular Horn Loudspeaker, 30W
LH1-10M10E Square Horn Loudspeaker, 10W (EVAC)
LBC3482/00 Circular Horn Loudspeaker, 25w/14" (EVAC)
LBC3483/00 Circular Horn Loudspeaker, 35w/20" Horn, (EVAC)
LBC3484/00 Circular Horn Loudspeaker, 50w/20" Horn, (EVAC)
LBC3428/00 Circular Marine Horn Speaker, 15W
LBC3437/00 Explosive/Flameproof Circular Horn 15W
LBC3438/00 Explosive/Flameproof Circular Horn 25W
LH1-UC30E Square Music Horn Loudspeaker, 30W (EVAC)

Loudspeaker Accessories

Part no. Description Qty
LBC 3091/01 WHITE Surface Mounting Box for LBC3090/xx Speakers
LBC 1256/00 EVAC Connection Adapter for non EVAC speakers
LBC 1259/01 Universal Floorstand
LM1-CB Carrier Bag for two LBC1259/01 Floorstands
LBC 1085/00 Loudspeaker Cable 100m roll, Black
LBC 1400/10 12W, MK, Power-Save Volume Control
LBC 1410/10 36W, MK, Power-Save Volume Control
LBC 1420/10 100W, MK, Power-Save Volume Control
LBC 1400/20 12W, MK, Fail Safe Volume Control
LBC 1410/20 36W, MK, Power-Save Volume Control
LBC 1420/20 100W, MK, Power-Save Volume Control
LBC 1430/10 5 Channel Selector, MK
LM1-SMB-MK Surface Mounting Single Gang Back Box, MK
LBC 1401/10 12W, U40, Power-Save Volume Control
LBC 1411/10 36W, U40, Power-Save Volume Control
LBC 1401/20 12W, U40, Fail Safe Volume Control
LBC 1411/20 36W, U40, Power-Save Volume Control
LBC 1431/10 5 Channel Selector, U40
LM1-SMB-U40 Surface Mounting Single Gang Back Box, U40
LBC 3080/01 RED Fire Dome for LBC3087/41, LBC3090/x1 and LHM0606/xx Ceiling Speaker
LBC 3080/11 WHITE Fire Dome for LBC3087/41., LBC3090/x1 and LHM0606/xx Ceiling Speaker
LBC 3081/02 Fire Dome for LBC3086/41 Ceiling Speaker
LBC 3082/00 Fire Dome for LBC3099/41 Ceiling Speaker


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